Thirty-First Annual Victorian Algebra Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 2013

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Participants in Thirty-First Annual Victorian Algebra Conference

Mr Kamil Bulinski The University of Melbourne
Dr Grant Cairns La Trobe University
Dr Enrico Carlini Monash University Waring Problem: algebra and geometry in action
Miss Ilaria Castellano The University of Newcastle Stallings' decomposition theorem for t.d.l.c. groups
Dr Michael Coons The University of Newcastle Mind the gap
Prof Brian Davey La Trobe University The product representation theorem for interlaced pre-bilattices:\\ some historical remarks
Mr Nicholas James Davis The University of Melbourne Some non-contracting automata groups
Mr Josh Deprez University of Tasmania Convolution partial action invariance
Assoc Prof Heiko Dietrich Monash University Computing with matrix groups
Dr James East Western Sydney University Cycle-trail decomposition for partial permutations
Dr Attila Egri-Nagy Akita International University Green's J-classes and Subduction Classes in Finite Transformation Semigroups
Prof Murray Elder University of Technology Sydney A Metropolis Markov Chain algorithm to sample trivial words and compute cogrowth in finitely generated groups; or -- F is not amenable.
Mr Andrew Elvey Price The University of Melbourne
Dr Xiang Fu The University of Melbourne
Dr Barry Gardner University of Tasmania 1-radical classes and semigroups of polynomials
Mr Joel Gill The University of Melbourne
Miss Amelia Gontar Flinders University On the generalised statement of Birman's conjecture
Mrs Charles Gray La Trobe University
Dr Lucy Ham The University of Melbourne
Mr Nick Ham University of Tasmania Classifications of Symmetric Normal Form Games
Ms Sophie Ham Monash University
Mr Michael Hendriksen University of Western Sydney Minimal Faithful Permutation Representations of Semidirect Products of Finite Groups
Dr Joshua Howie Monash University
Dr Aitchison Iain Moreland High Star of Ishtar, Daughter of Sin
Dr Marcel Jackson La Trobe University The algebra of partial maps
Dr Tomasz Kowalski La Trobe University
Ms Jessica Liebig CSIRO
Mr Hugh Marman La Trobe University
Prof Chuck Miller The University of Melbourne
Dr Kerri Morgan Deakin University
Mr Nur Arif Nugraha The University of Melbourne
Dr Narwin Perkal La Trobe University
Dr Jane Pitkethly La Trobe University
Prof Arun Ram The University of Melbourne
Prof Asha Rao Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Dr Lawrence Reeves The University of Melbourne TBA
Dr Tian Sang The University of Melbourne
Mr Murray Smith La Trobe University Game Theoretic Representations of Semilattice-Ordered Semigroups
Dr Don Taylor The University of Sydney Computing with twisted groups of Lie type
Prof Ian Wanless Monash University Cyclotomic orthomorphisms
Mr Jon Xu The University of Melbourne Classical and Quantum Schur-Weyl duality