Workshop on Differential Geometry & Applications, Bundoora, Australia, 2006

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Participants in Workshop on Differential Geometry & Applications

Dr Robert Bartnik Monash University Recognising static metrics
Dr Ian Benn The University of Newcastle Killing Tensors and Symmetry Operators
Prof John Butcher University of Auckland
Prof Michael Crampin University of Ghent Some remarks on the geometry of systems of higher-order ordinary differential equations
Assoc Prof David Harvey University of New South Wales
Mrs Mary Hewett University of Canberra
Miss Tracy Huang University of Canberra
Dr Thomas Ivey College of Charleston Cartan theory and the geometry of differntial equations
Assoc Prof Jonathan Kress University of New South Wales Quadratic algebras of Killing tensors
Prof Demeter Krupka Palacky University Olomuc Variational sequences and the total divergence equation
Prof Olga Krupkova Palacky University Olomuc Symmetries associated with differential equations
Dr Ian Lisle University of Canberra
Dr Tom Mestdag University of Ghent Reduction aspects of second-order systems with symmetry.
Dr Pengzi Miao Monash University
Dr Jitse Niesen La Trobe University
Dr Yuri Nikolayevsky La Trobe University On Einstein solvable Lie algebras
Mr Thanakorn Nitithumbundit The University of Sydney
Mr Neil Porter University of Canberra
Prof Geoff Prince La Trobe University EDS and the Inverse Problem in the Calculus of Variations
Mr Omar Rojas La Trobe University
Prof Willy Sarlet La Trobe University Recursion operators on a tangent bundle
Dr David Saunders EBS Homogeneous variational sequences
Dr Gerard Thompson The University of Toledo The Lie group inverse problem
Dr Pieter Hubert van der Kamp La Trobe University
Dr Peter Vassiliou Australian National University Weak Darboux integrability and wave maps
Prof Keizo Yamaguchi Hokkaido University Geometry of linear differential systems - Towards the contact geometry of second order