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Abstracts for ETHDSL16

34 abstracts submitted.

Assoc Prof Eduardo G. Altmann Sampling Rare Trajectories in Chaotic System
Talks I will present a general
framework to ...
Bernd Krauskopf, Hinke Osinga and Jose Mujica (University of Auckland) Slow-fast dynamics: interacting manifolds and mixed-mode oscillations
Talks In many systems arising
in application, including
Dr Alex Blumenthal Lyapunov exponents for small random perturbations of predominantly hyperbolic two-dimensional volume-preserving diffeomorphisms, including the Standard Map
Talks An outstanding problem in
smooth ergodic theory ...
Dr Charlene Kalle Matching for generalised beta-transformations
Talks The phenomenon of
matching (i.e., merging
of ...
Dr David Kelly Ergodic theory in data assimilation
Talks Data assimilation
describes the method of
blending ...
Dr Jeroen Wouters Beyond the limit of infinite time-scale separation: Edgeworth approximations and homogenisation
Talks Homogenization has been
widely used in stochastic
Dr Kenichiro Yamamoto Large deviations beyond specification
Talks In this talk, we give a
criterion ...
Dr Maria Jose Pacifico Lagrange and Markov dynamical spectra of Lorenz-like attractors
Talks In a joint work with S.
Roma\~no ...
Dr Péter Koltai Spatio-temporal computational methods for coherent sets
Talks The decomposition of the
state space of ...
Dr Simone Vasconcelos Silva Diffusive - Ballistic phase transition in a Randon Polymer model
Talks Phase transition issues
are addressed for random
Dr Stefanie Hittmeyer The geometry of blenders in a three-dimensional H\'enon-like family
Talks Blenders are a geometric
tool to construct ...
Greenhalgh Richard Using ergodic theory to prove some theorems about diophantine equations
Talks Using Furstenberg's
diophantine result, about
approximating irrationals
Hinke Osinga (University of Auckland), Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova (University of Exeter), Vivien Kirk, and Saeed Farjami (University of Auckland) Intrinsic excitability and the role of saddle slow manifolds
Talks Excitable cells, such as
neurons, exhibit complex
John Wormell Fast and accurate approximation techniques for intermittent maps
Post Intermittent maps in one
dimension are key ...
Mr Eric Kwok TBA
Post TBA
Mr Fadi Antown Optimizing Linear Response for Discrete Time Homogeneous Markov Chains
Post TBA
Mr Kieran Jarrett Non-singular group actions: the ergodic theorem and the critical dimension
Post TBA
Mr Michael Arthur Mampusti Fractal trees and the geometry of substitution tilings
Talks TBA
Mr Peter Cudmore Nonlinearly coupled oscillators.
Post TBA
Prof Aidan Sims Equilibrium states on noncommutative solenoids
Talks KMS equilibrium states
for $C^*$-algebraic
dynamical systems ...
Prof Andrew Hassell Dynamical systems theory applied to eigenfunction estimates
Talks In this talk, I will
survey how ...
Prof Anthony Dooley Random Group Actions
Talks A random group action is
a generalisation ...
Prof Beniamin Goldys Some ergodic problems for stochastic PDEs
Talks I will present some
results on long ...
Prof Carlangelo Liverani Hyperbolic billiards
Talks The rigorous study of
hyperbolic billiards was
Prof François Ledrappier Local Limit Theorem in negative curvature
Talks We consider the universal
cover of a ...
Prof Francoise P\`ene Quantitative recurrence for slowly mixing hyperbolic systems
Talks We are interested in the
counting process ...
Prof Isabel Rios Decreasing entropy in the destruction of horseshoes via internal tangencies
Talks We study the variation of
the topological ...
Prof José F. Alves Gibbs-Markov-Young structures for partially hyperbolic attractors
Talks Gibbs-Markov-Young
structures have been
frequently used in ...
Prof Keith Burns The Weil Petersson geodesic flow
Talks I will talk about the
geodesic flow ...
Prof Mark Pollicott Rigorous estimates for the Lanford map
Talks The Lanford map is a
simple example ...
Prof Michael Dellnitz Glimpse of the Infinite - the Approximation of Invariant Sets for Delay and Partial Differential Equations
Talks TBA
Sanjeeva Balasuriya, Rahul Kalampattel and Nicholas Ouellette Hyperbolic neighbourhoods in nonautonomous flows
Talks Hyperbolic trajectories
in nonautonomous flows
have the ...
Tanja Schindler Generalized strong law for intermediately trimmed Birkhoff sums
Talks By a theorem by Aaronson
there is ...
Vaughn Climenhaga Specification and Markov properties in shift spaces
Talks Existence, uniqueness,
and statistical
properties of invariant